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A Peep Into The Near Past And Near Future

  A Revolution! In the Pandemic, the teachers and students were grappling with online teaching and studying...Now almost everyone seems to have settled into it. It's an edutech revolution of sorts where there have been so many disruptions and unbuilding of old systems and building of new systems. There are by far, more disruptions with the children in the remote areas who have been hit the hardest. We have to find a way to address this problem, else we will be left with a chunk of the future adult population who could not be educated because of our inability to take technology to the remotest places. And of what use is technology if it benefits only the privileged few?  Blended learning We are heading towards a blended way of teaching, taking the best from both the virtual and physical to create a bigger whole. The Virus seems to have literally revolutionised education. There is a huge difference in what the teachers' readiness to accept new technology was, back in March 2020,

Flashcards Method of Studying

 Flashcards is a method of studying used universally by students in schools and colleges around the world. It can be used effectively by a 3-year-old and a 23-year-old. Be it a second-grader, a law student, a medical student or an engineering student. They could be studying history, German, physics, mechatronics, patent law or pediatrics. The method works very well for ALL! Method One may look at  FlashCardz  as a bunch of questions in a deck or a question bank. The method is important. Though the content has to be comprehensive, it is not enough. It is the combination of the content and the method that is extremely powerful. It is an added bonus that the children don’t have to make the content by themselves and have the entire curriculum readymade at the tips of their fingers or rather touch of their finger-tips. Mental Health As it is, the children in our Indian system of education have little time as they are loaded with studies. Using the  FlashCardz  method is a wonderful way to f