About Us

At Cerebroid Education, our mission is to help students convert what they know into grades.

We do this by creating content and study methods based on proven scientific research, which makes learning more effective, fun, and long lasting.

Flashcardz is a platform built to help the senior secondary students in ICSE and CBSE curriculum prepare for exams. It helps the students do focused unassisted self-study once they are done learning the concepts from their teachers. It helps them realise their weaknesses and gaps.

 Flashcardz was started by Nitin Kulkarni 4 years ago out of his dining room where he sat and crunched out chemistry cards for his daughter. Today there are numerous teachers of different subjects covered by Flashcardz that have helped make the system a grand success. We are continually improving. We are open to suggestions by students. In fact some of the key suggestions of our young users have been implemented in the system.

We live by our students. We are there for them and because of them!

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