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How FlashCardz is helping teachers and students in these trying times

Mrs Menon is a wonderful Maths teacher in a leading school in Pune. She has a very pleasant manner, and has the ability to put you at ease when you meet her. She can be stern with the students, as we discovered during a large gathering of students at the school, but at heart she has a quality that all wonderful teachers have - she loves her students and strives for the best for every one of them. She is one of those teachers that students love and respect, and will remember for the rest of their lives. Recently Mrs. Menon encountered an unexpected problem. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of her school, and the school had to switch to online teaching for the 9th and 10th standard students. Online teaching meant that suitable content had to be created overnight. Microsoft Teams, power-point presentations, and other forms of digital content and teaching became the new normal. With almost 160 students signing in to her online class, Mrs. Menon discovered that it was a chall

The Magic of Intelligent Repetition

More than 25 years ago I took up a job in the US and moved to Salt Lake City in the state of Utah. My work was in software development, and pretty soon I noticed something very strange in the office. Most of my work involved typing away on a computer keyboard, which I did with just the two index fingers of my hands. I could type quite fast, or so I thought until I saw Americans all around me typing with all ten fingers at a really rapid pace! It was mesmerising. People didn't even need to look at their keyboards while typing! It was as if their fingers knew where each letter on the keyboard was, and magically went to the right letter, in the right order, at a remarkable pace. I asked a friend how she could type in that fashion and she told me that they learnt it as kids in school. Most of them learnt the "right" way to type. She showed me how it was done, and pointed me to a few exercises to learn how to do it myself. I bought a desktop computer the next da