A Peep Into The Near Past And Near Future


A Revolution!

In the Pandemic, the teachers and students were grappling with online teaching and studying...Now almost everyone seems to have settled into it. It's an edutech revolution of sorts where there have been so many disruptions and unbuilding of old systems and building of new systems. There are by far, more disruptions with the children in the remote areas who have been hit the hardest. We have to find a way to address this problem, else we will be left with a chunk of the future adult population who could not be educated because of our inability to take technology to the remotest places. And of what use is technology if it benefits only the privileged few? 

Blended learning

We are heading towards a blended way of teaching, taking the best from both the virtual and physical to create a bigger whole. The Virus seems to have literally revolutionised education. There is a huge difference in what the teachers' readiness to accept new technology was, back in March 2020, and now in December 2020.


As part of the FlashCardz team I have been conducting thousands of demos for teachers all over the country from March 2020. Initially the teachers struggled with the challenge of learning new methods of teaching. Today they are adept and versatile with their knowledge of the internet and internet technology. What is impressive is that they have an upper hand with their young students. They know all the tricks that their device-friendly young students have up their sleeves! And, I am not talking of just the young teachers but also the senior teachers!


I am fortunate to be part of the Flashcardz team where our startup has been part of this revolution and contributing to it. We have helped the students study and test themselves with the extensive syllabus based content, and provided the teachers with invaluable feedback from their students which helps them to revisit some topics taught by them and make them clearer. And all of this with the help of cutting edge technology that the system uses.

My hope and desire is to take this technology and FlashCardz to every child in the country. It breaks my heart to see children wanting to study, but cannot, because of lack of infrastructure. Let us hope in our very near future that every child can be as privileged and each one of us can contribute in some way in building a future which has a rock solid literate and educated population.


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