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Use Flashcardz to Boost 10 Board Exam Performance

The increase in the pace and volume of studies from 9th standard onwards can be intimidating for most students. They have to wade through tons of information and study for exams, unit tests and class tests which are fired at them at breakneck speed. Most children find this overwhelming. Another challenge for students is tracking their studies and revision to ensure that they are getting comfortable with all the material. Human nature forces many of them to avoid topics that they are not comfortable with. Our children need a study method that is efficient, fun, comprehensive, and not intimidating. They already have teachers and tutors to help them with concepts and revision, but the students need help with their self study, revision and test preparation. Flash cards is a proven study method that helps a student deal with the above challenges. Our flash card method builds confidence, focuses attention on weaker areas, and prepares students for tests. Engage in