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How do you remember everyone's names?

I often conduct face to face sessions with audiences of 15 to 30 people on various topics. About 2-3 hours into a session, I am able to remember the names of all the participants. People are always astonished that I can do this so fast! I am not blessed with a photographic memory, and there is no magic in it either. I just follow a time tested process that works. It is also the philosophy that FlashCardz is based on. When we study any subject, there are quite a few things to remember. This fact is quite obvious in subjects like history, geography, biology and chemistry. However it is also true of physics and even mathematics. In mathematics, you have to remember and recognise patterns of problems, so that you can recall and decide what approach can be used to solve them. Most study methods focus on taking in concepts and other study material - by reading, watching videos or listening to your teacher. However any information or concept only becomes easy to remember and recall when we en