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An educator's view on flashcards

Today we are delighted to share an article from experienced educator and teacher - Anupama Ukidve Sharma. When Nitin and Suniti Kulkarni first told me about the FlashCardz platform they had created, I immediately caught on to the idea and knew that they had a winner on their hands. I am an alumnus of one of Pune’s oldest ICSE schools and the mother of two children who have spent some of their years in an ICSE school in Pune and a few years in a CBSE school in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. I am an educator, who has been teaching ICSE and CBSE students English for more than twenty years, in both physical and virtual classrooms. I have seen the struggles first hand. When my children moved to an American school in Nairobi, Kenya, nearly a decade ago, one of the items on the stationery list was index cards. That was my first introduction to this concept! They had to make their own flashcards, right through middle and high school, and I personally found the system one of the most effectiv

Which learning app is the right one for my child?

There are so many learning apps available, many parents are asking "How do I pick the right one for my child?" BYJU's is just the most visible of these learning apps. This article is about how a parent should think about a learning app and its impact on the child's results. But before I get into the pros and cons of different apps, I am going to take a couple of steps back to talk about how we learn, which part of that process is likely to have a gap, and therefore which approach will give the child the most value. Whether we like it or not, exams are an integral part of our education system, and a student must take each concept through a number of steps, eventually culminating in exam readiness, and performance. 1. Understand In this step the concept is introduced to the student, and explained in detail. Typically this happens in school, followed by strengthening of the understanding by the coaching class teacher. This is the space in which many o