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What is the best MCQ practice method for ICSE and CBSE boards?

Now that the ICSE and CBSE boards have announced a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) exam pattern for the 2022 board exams, students and teachers are looking for ways to practice this new pattern. So what is the most effective way to practice? There are many resources that are now available for students. MCQ books - many publishers are selling books that contain chapterwise MCQs. These books typically range in price from  ₹ 200 to  ₹ 500 for each subject. MCQ worksheets - many websites are publishing pdf worksheets containing MCQs. These are usually limited to 10-25 questions per chapter, and the coverage is not comprehensive at all. Online MCQ tests - these are available on many websites or apps. Some of them are free, but they tend to be repetitive and limited in scope. So a student can solve a few MCQ questions per chapter, but will not get comprehensive practice. So what is the best way to practice for the upcoming MCQ exams? What should an effective MCQ testing method have? Three pri