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3 Tips to get more out of your online classes

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust us all into a very unfamiliar world. The suddenness of the change has left us gasping for breath, and it gave us no time to think, plan, or prepare. Education is perhaps one of the most severely impacted areas as schools and colleges remain shut, and a lot of the teaching has moved online. Lets face it, online teaching is hard, as thousands of teachers have discovered during this COVID-19 lock-down. Most teachers have never been trained to conduct online classes. Learning the video conferencing technology to communicate with students is the easier part of the process, while other challenges remain. Let's also remember that online learning is hard as well, particularly if online teaching does not cater to the challenges of online learning. For a student, this is new territory. In this article, I am going to talk about my top 3 tips to get more out of your online teaching sessions. Tip-1: Manage the Environment When you have the s