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Today we are delighted to share an article from experienced educator and teacher - Anupama Ukidve Sharma.

When Nitin and Suniti Kulkarni first told me about the FlashCardz platform they had created, I immediately caught on to the idea and knew that they had a winner on their hands. I am an alumnus of one of Pune’s oldest ICSE schools and the mother of two children who have spent some of their years in an ICSE school in Pune and a few years in a CBSE school in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. I am an educator, who has been teaching ICSE and CBSE students English for more than twenty years, in both physical and virtual classrooms. I have seen the struggles first hand.

When my children moved to an American school in Nairobi, Kenya, nearly a decade ago, one of the items on the stationery list was index cards. That was my first introduction to this concept! They had to make their own flashcards, right through middle and high school, and I personally found the system one of the most effective ways of learning. So much so that when my daughter moved on to medical college, one of the first things she bought was Anatomy flashcards! And now that her college has shut down to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus and she is back home, she wasted no time in asking me for my 10th grader son’s stash of blank index cards, in order to revise by creating her own sets of flashcards for various subjects. So, I ended up ‘panic buying’ more index cards!

And then I realized how fortunate our students in India are, as they are getting a fantastic set of interactive FlashCardz online, which cover the portion for most of their subjects and make learning creative and fun, all at an affordable rate. I especially like the subject based crosswords, which engage and challenge a child, reinforcing the content in an innovative manner. In the current scenario, where schools have shut down and social distancing is the key to stop the spread of the Corona Virus, I cannot think of a better way to study than to buy the students a FlashCardz subscription and allow them to revise on their own. Once schools reopen and the portion is covered at break neck speed and exams loom overhead like a Damocles Sword, your children will be safe, calm and prepared, thanks to FlashCardz!

Anupama Ukidve Sharma
Educator & Teacher


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