10th Boards Our Story

The flashcards system that you see on this website has been built by my husband Nitin. We are really fortunate to have Nitin in our lives. I don’t know anyone else who just KNOWS all the answers to the questions in board-level Physics and Chemistry. As a school and college student, he was great at taking exams. It's amazing that he remembers just about everything that he did in school and college. Academically he did really well in Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIT Delhi and the University of Utah, where he studied. As I said before, he knows a thing or two about doing well in exams - it is his forte.


Our children were studying in an ICSE school, and my job was to motivate Nitin to apply his mind to help them out with their studies. I wanted him to devise a method that would complement the children’s teachers and tutors, and help our children revise and prepare for exams in a fun and efficient manner.


After a lot of thinking and experimenting, he tried the flashcard method with both our children - Sachi and Siddharth. The flashcard decks built by Nitin completely transformed Sachi! We found her studying and revising the subjects peacefully without the frustrations she showed earlier. And her marks started improving steadily, culminating in an outstanding performance in the 10th ICSE board exams.

Siddharth has an aptitude for sciences and ‘gets it’. Nitin made some flashcards for 8th standard physics and chemistry which Siddharth absolutely devoured! Siddharth had a lot of fun with his dad. He knew that all his questions will be answered and validated!

Sachi and Siddharth thought that this method could benefit all other children as well. So, we decided to build the Flashcardz.in platform and share the content with other children.

No Easy Way Out

However, let me emphasise this - there is no easy way out. This is not a short cut. The students have to study. They have to pay attention to their teachers and get the concepts before getting to the flashcards. The Flashcardz system will show them how much they have understood. This method saves on time and it’s a more effective and efficient way to study.

The results from the flashcards can be a good teaching tool for the teachers. They will know exactly what the student has not understood and where more work is needed on their part.

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