FlashCards - Solutions for Focussed Study for 10th Boards

How was FlashCardz born? Well, they say that you need to scratch your own itch.

And that's exactly what happened when my partner Nitin's daughter came to Class 10. The prevalent common solutions weren't of much help really and she continued to struggle. Till a friend suggested flash cards for her. That improved the situation significantly and systematically. The hand made cards helped her exam performance and confidence.

They soon made way for digital cards, which was followed by an online solution when some of her juniors who had by then come to Class 10, approached Nitin for the same solution. And it helped all of them uniformly, without fail. That is when we started some research and found out that practice testing and spaced repetition were the most recommended and most effective study methods. Concepts which are endemic to flashcards. And thus was born FlashCardz.

The following article was amongst the first ones to reinforce our belief that we were on the right track! And today hundreds of school children across cities vouch for the effectiveness of FlashCardz.



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Using FlashCardz is like studying with a friend and keeping each other sharp!